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The Roman Empire lasted 12 saeculums. We are coming to the end of the 3rd or 4th depending on if you include the Revolutionary War but grading apples-to-apples, Roman-to-American, the USA is ending its 3rd saeculum. The Post WWII saeculum is coming to an end (pre {prescript} War { possible postscript}). In a nutshell, one society dies and another is reborn just like after Revolutionary, Civil, and WWII. This is inline with the 4 types of generations and 4 turnings of a society. Strauss and Howe RE-discovered it after western civilization stamped out recognition of saeculums on the order of the church decades ago, though it was recognized in other civilizations including the ones in the "New World" before Western Civilization even realized that the world was round. To add credibility to Strauss and Howe, they are no longer professors what are so-called business consultants on generations and turning *cough cough* in Washington DC. I would think business consultants on generations and turnings would be better suited in LA or NY, but *cough cough*, they are consultants in Washington DC.

Mike Street

Assassination? What bit were you reading?

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