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Christopher Culver

I've never heard of works such as those with mentions of Jesus. Could be that they do exist, forgeries by later scribes like some portions of Josephus' works. Seems like something interesting to look into.


There's the book "edited" by William Percival Crozier [1879-1944] in the twenties called Letters of Pontius Pilate: Written During His Governorship of Judea to His Friend Seneca in Rome.


Yes, there is certainly apocryphal correspondence of this kind floating around--e.g., a purported "report" by Pilate to Tiberius is mentioned as early as Tertullian (ca. A.D. 200); and more famously, the correspondence between Seneca and St. Paul. I'm not sure exactly what Adams is using, however, but I may try to find a copy of his book...should be possible to find here in Memphis, given the Elvis connection, I would think...?

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