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Another rock song which refers to Ovid is "Someday" by Deadman Turner (from the 1997 CD, Cyanogen: the Resurrection of Deadman Turner, which can be found at URL I listed above). On the same album is a song which quotes Horace's Art of Poetry, one which quotes Simonides, and another which compared the twittering of a bat to the sounds of "the sad/ dead heroes of the Iliad". Deadman also sings a song about Tasmania in Latin, with lots of elision:

Tasmania, Tasmania! bellam insulam amemus
qua et gloriam et ingloriam quam historiam habemus.
At mundum immundum illum odimus immo immurmuremus;
omnis omne cor corporis clamose cantemus:
“Tasmania, Tasmania! bellam terram amemus.”


Another song with a classical theme (composed by Deadman Turner and performed by The Qualified Superlatives) is “Gaze at the Sun,” a song in the voice of the dying Alcestis.

It can be found at http://www.informalmusic.com/qualifiedsuperlatives/

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