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I agree the Pope would have been wise to avoid saying anything about Islam. I don't think the religion is the problem as are the people who use it to keep others under their thumb. But there is a big clash coming between the West and middle eastern nations if things within those countries don't change. It's not the religion but the radicalization of politics combined with religion that causes a great divide between us. The West has been successful and our culture has succeded in many ways middle eastern cultures have not. If you doubt this just ask the millions of muslims immigrating to the West why they are leaving. How we bring them into the modern world may not be peaceful especially if we wait to do it. let us hope for the best.


Lost time is never found again. Paschall.

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I think if you look back the every religions or country's history, everyone will have their own merits and demerits..So its not a clever thing to do analyze of the history,don't think you're better than others..That too people like Pope(who're well popular) shouldn't talk about these kind of issues and make someone hurts...
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