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In Plato's Republic, the idea that "justice is the interest of the stronger" is put forward by Thrasymachus. But without troubling you with a lengthy argument, it is safe to say that Thrasymachus is a true Platonist. So arguing that this is Plato's idea is not too far off the mark.


Ah, but a lengthy argument is what it would take to convince me that Thrasymachus is supposed to be Plato's mouthpiece, considering that the rest of the Republic is in a sense a rebuttal of Thrasymachus.

Gerald Pechenuk

Mischa is TOTALLY RIGHT and Sophrosune is a stand in for the Carl Schnitt, Nazi Crown Jurist Successor, Professor Leo Strauss, who LIED HIS YOU KNOW WHAT OFFF, and said that Thrasymachus's conceptions were really that of Plato's!!!! Sophrosune should be viewed as a Sophist- as in L-I-A-R!!! Gerald Pechenuk, LaRouche PAC, Chicago [email protected]

steven andresen

Yes, the Republic might be an attempt to refute Thrasymachus. But it is a curious refutation. Don't you think it odd that Thrasymachus was made into such a spectacle, instead of given any real meat to his argument. Yes, Glaucon was supposed to do that, but, did he do a better job?

I think Socrates could have rejected the argument put forward by Thrasymachus, but have secretly agreed to his conclusions about what justice amounted to, on his view.

According to Thrasymachus, Machiavelli, and Strauss, the story Plato gives us about our lives being like those of the cave dwellers needs some justification, and according to them, Plato is unable to do such a thing. This is why for them the Allegory, and the religions and morality based on it are "useful fictions and pious frauds."

No, Thrasymachus is not Plato's mouthpiece. More like his stalking horse. And no, one doesn't have to be a Sophist in order to believe that "justice is the interest of the stronger." Like Plato, one can be a logician.

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