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Wm Annis (blathering...)

Through a devious chain of connections Křesadlo's son has kindly offered to help me get a copy of the book — and sent me a PDF of the Greek portion. I'm hoping to have the first 50 lines or so up on aoidoi.org in the "Verse Composition" section in a week or so.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am the author's son, as it happens. The Ode to Stalin awaits you at http://www.kresadlo.cz/ode.gif

The Ode is central to the plot of, and therefore features in 'GraveLarks' (ISBN 80-86013-81-2) , in Chapter IV on pages 37/38, including this explanatory translation:

"Ruler Stalin, I honour you. Sitting in the white-walled Kremlin, you rule powerfully over the Russians and the Tartars and countless heads of many nations. Crawling in the dust they look up to you as to a god.You have a great army, killing mortals, which brings destruction and Black Death to the lands of foreigners. They kill men and women, they also steal watches worn by honoured men on their wrists, which is a wondrous sight. Other men forged them with knowledge, and you, having come, then take them, for you are all-powerful. Habing covered your arms with many watches, you sit beholding your indicators of time, proud in your glory. They all kiss your feet and a** in terror. For you yourself rule, and those who displease you, you send to the land of Siberia to a camp where they freeze, bound in strong chains, and die. All the men and women of the land of Russia pray to you in terror, for you are the supreme god. It is said the sun himslef is your eye and the smnouldering thunderbolt is Stalin's fart."

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