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great review.. where did you get the first version?

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I want a movie made after 1990-ish that's not supernatural-related and is just a really good horror movie. I've seen Halloween and Saw. They were pretty good but not the best. My all-time favorite horror movies are the three Scream movies, and The Last House on the Left.

Movies similar to those? Suggestions? Thanks!


excellent this is my favorite hobby I love being at home and watch a good movie or go to the movies with good company is great, the horror genre is the best excellent blog.

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The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog, I didn't even see the link to your things you do. Keep coming up with ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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great post! Constantine's first contact with Christians apparently is when he asks one of the Christians on trial some questions

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Where I can fin this old movie?

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Wow, Dan. Congratulations. I really loved your first book and read it in one or two days.

Looking forward for the new one, as I really love the practical approach you already showed in the case study section of your book no. 1

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Lovely post, Kerri. Thanks for writing it. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I need my friends. I need to breath in God's creation (my trees are budding and flowering and birds are tweeting. I love spring!) And I need to rest.


ps. Thanks, Jim! :-)

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Wonderful post, Kerri. Thank you.

Mark, Kaye, Lisa ... awesome! Congrats.

Congrats to Jeff/Jill as well. So cool. (Re: previous April 30, post.)


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Where I can buy this DVD film?

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